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Contact & Directions
to our beautiful holiday park in Occitanie

Domaine du Cammazet

Ferme le Cammazet 


tel. 07 61 98 02 53

GPS: 43.14721835560405, 1.7616132233558843

Height: 350m


Domaine du Cammazet is easily accessible by car. There is no public transport nearby.


By car

From Paris (750 km and 7.45 hours)

Follow Limoges, Toulouse.


In Toulouse, take the A61 towards Foix, Pamiers, Andorra.

Continue on the E9 and take exit 2 Saverdun / Mazères.

Follow the D14 then the D11, D502 and D102 towards Belpech.

Then follow the D25 towards Fanjeaux / Carcassonne and after the village of Tresmezes (slow down) the D925 and the D306.


Now follow the signs for Ferme aux bisons. After entering the Ferme aux Bisons, you will see a large farm (Herbet) on the right and a little further on two large white grain silos on your left. After these silos, take the first road on the right with the Cammazet sign. You are almost there!

Continue on the driveway, the entrance gate is open. On arrival you can drive to the large house with green shutters and park there to unload the luggage. After that you can park your car in front of the large barn on the right.

When we hear you arrive, we will greet you immediately. If you don't see us right away, go around the house on your left. The door in the middle of the house is the reception door. If we are not nearby, use the bell next to the door or call us on 07 61 98 02 53.


By plane

From Carcassonne airport, it takes around 45 minutes by motorway or a little more via the vineyards of Malepère. Unfortunately there does not seem to be any flights arriving in Carcassonne due to the health crisis.

Our domain is located about an hour from Toulouse airport. However, if you find yourself at peak times it can take a lot longer. Try to avoid the morning and evening rush hours.


Rent a car

You can hire a car at the airport. If you do it on time via the Internet, the rates are usually not too high.

By train

Traveling by train is wonderful, but unfortunately often the more expensive option. If you book a few months in advance, there is a chance that the rates will be favorable.

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